How to clear Account History once payment is received?

i want the transaction history to be deleted once full payment has been taken for the account.

as it is a hotel i run, the accounts are set up for each room, the account holder will change regularly, and i do not want previous transaction from other guest to be visible, as it can cause confusion.

any idea how this could be possible?

In the Account Type settings, set the Filter Type to Workperiod.

does that mean that every night when I end the work period all account information will clear?

No, it will never clear the transactions, ever. But the display of transactions will be limited to that filter by default.

You can still select a different filter from the top-left of the Account Screen from the dropdown list at any time, or you can use the Start/End Date Filters to limit the display of Transactions as well …

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@croxtonfishbar this will then only show todays transactions.
What you probably want is booking entity/account as mentioned to you on your other thread.
On checkin a booking entity and account is created and associated with the room entity.
Charges are made to the booking and not the entity, this means you have a clean account per booking.
This also handles multi/different stay lengths without keep changing filters.
You would need to specify the stay dates not just day/week/months etc and also what happens if they charge extra breakfast or something before checkout, since filtering with time is not posible how would that work?
See this topic;

Also on there is some sugested tweeks for reporting your debtors ledger (room accounts)

Clearing out the DB would clear all data including transaction? Also set Transaction ID & Ticket ID to 0? Are you able to confirm this please? I have been setting up a live system and now ready to go on the floor but would like to set everything to 0. Thanks

Your question is not related to this Topic.

There is a DB Task named Clear Database Transactions that executes SQL statements to clear all Transaction data and Reset counts to 0.

Executing the Task leaves all other data intact (Products, Menus, Automation), and only serves to delete Transaction test data before you go live.

The Task is in Manage > Settings > Database Tools > Database Tasks.