How to clear all transaction data


Hi All

Please let me know if there’s a way to clear out all previous sales transaction data ?

thanks, best regards


Main Menu> Settings>Database Tools.
Select “Create Default Tasks”
That will bring Clear Database Transactions
Select task and click Execute.

Please bare in mind, this method will erase all transaction history. Mostly used for clearing test data to start fresh when going live.

Use at own risk.


thanks Shivan! please lets me know if this will delete all the order data/setting such as menu, stocks or server configuration details ?


No, the script clears transnational data - ie after setup testing ready for going live. Menu, Products and customisation like rules and actions etc will remain.
If you want to go back to complete scratch easiest way is to change database name and samba will create new database with base/default config.


thanks so much JTRTech, really appreciated the explanations. All clear now.