How to close all open tickets at once?

Hello, I’ve been using SambaPOS for a while and never closed the open tickets, I’m wondering how do you close them all at once as there are many tickets open

When you settle a ticket it will close. Do you not settle tickets?

I just press Print Bill just because that’s how we work at the moment, but it doesn’t close the ticket. We don’t want to individually settle them at the end of the day. Currently we have over 500 open tickets that we want to close, but not individually.

So your not using the payment methods to settle a ticket? If you do not want to use the built in payment system via Settle then you need to recreate your work flow. By default it wont close a ticket until payment is made and remaining balance is 0.

Look at the Before Ticket Closing rule and remove the Remaining Amount Equals 0 constraint so it will Mark Ticket as Closed.

If you ever use SambaPOS for settle then you would need to add that constraint back in. I highly recommend you try using Settle eventually its much easier vs using a manual cash register.

I’m currently not using the settle function, what I want to do is press print bill rule then it automatically closes and assumes the payment was cash. Also do you have any tips on how to delete old ticket notes after being printed one time? For example lets say Sean wants his food gluten free, but the next order he doesn’t. I believe notes do save so I want to change that if possible.

Whats the point in assuming they are all cash if your not using Settle?

I mainly want a decently accurate end of the day report, we currently don’t have that as we don’t close all the tickets. We just want the tickets to automatically close so we can end the day and see our general earnings.

I gave you the answer earlier. Maybe you missed that.

This will probably cause other issues like not being able to reopen tickets etc. You really should think your flow through. I dont understand why you do not want to settle tickets.

This will not be accurate if you dont settle tickets. It wont let you close Work period if open tickets. I assume this is the reason for wanting to close the tickets?

If you do not want to use SambaPOS settle feature then you will need to redesign the entire flow. I am curious why you do not want to Settle tickets? I ask these questions because maybe there is another issue we can help you with.

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Would that be in the Same ticket in the same day? He would want gluten free and something not gluten free in same day? We typically use Order Tags for that. Ticket notes are made for entire ticket.

I’ll use the order tags, I assume I would be using the notes for addresses and so? Also I was wondering how do I efficiently close ALL my open tickets at the moment. I’ll fix everything else after I’m able to close them all, but there’s quite a few opened tickets.

There is no “efficient” way to do this. It would have been more “efficient” to properly Settle them in the first place. Now you need to take the time to go through and Settle them all 1 by 1.

Of course we could probably build a way with automation to get this done. But no one is going to take the time to devise that method for you. Settle your Tickets properly at the time of payment.

You would use Entity Custom Data Fields for addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. The Ticket Note feature is for special instructions or notes for your kitchen or servers (i.e. “young man with blue hat”, or “cook this extra extra extra well done”).

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