How to configure QR CODE Dine In on Gloria Food Integration

The knowledge base on the integration shows how to setup PICKUP and DELIVERIES.

However we are only wanting to setup PICKUP and DINE IN.

What are the additional configurations needed to make this happen? Pickup is straight forward but how do we accept and process DINE IN orders?

At present DINE IN orders are assigned to the DELIVERIES TAB and you have to assign a DELIVERER. Can we not assign these orders to TABLES instead?

You can configure it however you want. It was designed for pickup and delivery but feel free to customize it.

Deliverers are just entities and so are tables so yes you could.

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Thank you @Jesse

Are we able to assign to a table entity automatically based on the table number entered on the dine in options?

If you are asking if we integrated to Gloria Food Dine in option, no we do not support that right now.