How to connect 2 Serial printers to 1 epos system

Hi i have recently purchased 2 new printers, both are STAR TSP600 printers with ONLY serial connection.

my issue is, i would like to connect both printers to my till, but there is only one serial port on my computer, is there anyone getting around it, will splitters etc work if they exist?

thank you

No splitters will not work. You have 2 options that I can think of:

  1. Buy a pci card that you can install into your pc which will add a serial port. (CHEAPER Method)

Heres one on ebay

  1. Buy an ethernet module that will let you change your star printer from serial to ethernet or usb. (Ive only used epson printers and that is how they work but star are pretty good too and I would expect them to opperate that way).

@eddhasaj Unfortunately Pci card is not an option for me as it is a epos system and not built with a extra pci card slot.

when you say ethernet module that will change your printer from serial to ethernet or usb, how does this work?

what does it look like, what do i need etc?

please could you provide more detail thank you

Thats not what I was talking about. Epson printers have an actual card inside that lets you change its type of port. That converter could also work but its more of a pain in setting up I dont really like converting.