How to Connect with Sambapos V5 to Ipad or Android

Please Give Help Me
How do i do that connect Sambapos to ipad or android
that requirement From Shop I did know how to do it
please direct me

You can’t. There is an android order taking app you can purchase from

Tutorial category is where you write and share tutorials. V5 questions category is where you ask questions. I changed your topic to v5 question category since you did not write a tutorial.

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@Jesse, on this point… can I ask if this is a per handset license or per database again? I have a large hotel interested in Samba for their restaurant and the tablet option really interested them.

Is it a hard setup? or should it just ‘work’?


It is per device so each tablet needs it’s own license. It is strictly for order taking not full sambapos.


thanks, just so i know how to price it all up :smiley: