How to copy a database from sql server to a hosting?

I just purchased windows hosting on The package I purchased comes with SQL Server. I am currently running SQL Server locally which I use to provide some information on one of my webpages. I am trying to copy my local database and put it on the SQL Server on’s but I am having a really hard time.

I’ve connected with SQL Server Management Studio to the server successfully. Once there I can see the database I have created. I go to restore, then I select to restore from device but I am not able to select any local files from my machines (I have created a .bak file of my database.).

Does anyone know how to successfully copy an entire database that has already been created to a SQL Server database on a hosting server like Hostforlife?

Any help would be greatly appreciated it.


Not sure what this question has to do with SambaPOS.
Do you like to run SambaPOS database from a web-hosted server?
Don’t think this would be a smart reason.

Even if you manage to move your database to your server and connect SambaPOS to it, it will be really slow to work with, I’ve tried it and it was lagging while on local network, you figure out how much you will lag when you manage to do it.

Even if you have blazing fast internet connection, there will be network drops at some point, don’t forget the DDoS possibility, someone can attack your server and shut down your business, however when you have the database locally, it’s better in all ways.

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