How to correct Inventory/Warehouse mistakes in real-time system?

My Dear Friends

When I started with my inventory, I did some mistakes in the Multiplier when define the Inventory Items, so for example I had 240 bottles coke and corona in 1 Pack, instead of 24 bottles and made mistakes in proportions of recipes too, which caused crazy results in consumptions…:cry:

so when purchasing, I added a huge amount off bottles to my warehouse (without recognizing in that moment, yes my stupidity! :disappointed_relieved:)

I corrected those errores and I already followed the idea from other forum contributions to delete the corresponding TRANSACTIONS, BUT the stupid bottles overhead still stay inside my warehouse!

I try also to delete the whole Inventory Item, but cant, bcs is noted in “end of day records”, then I try to delete or edit the corresponding end-of-day-records , but that doesn’t work neither…bcs its in the PAST (of cause! WHICH “end of day” is in present or future???)

So my question…:
HOW can I delete Warehouse/Inventory entries WITHOUT destroying all my existing (correct) data??

PS: (is already “lifesystem”, not trial database anymore)

Thank you guys AGAIN for your assistance !!!

There is an experimental feature if you want to try.

  1. Create backups and ensure they are valid. What you’ll do will delete stuff from your database so you may need to roll back. Better test it on a test system to see if it does what you want.
  2. End work period.
  3. From Management > Program Settings > Maintenance screen click Clear End of Day records.
  4. Make your corrections on inventory transactions.
  5. Click Rebuild End of Day Records.
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Hi Emre

I follow your steps, but I dont have “Clear End of Day records” option in my Maintenance…!?? Do you mean " Create default Reports"??

Cheers, Factory47

Upgrade to latest V5 version.