How to create a Button for this?

I want a Button named as X on which when I will click will pop up a window that will ask for Customer name…And then when I will input customer name and click ok…I will get the print job and customer name on the print too…
P.S.- I have deleted all my tables and customer system earlier as I was not in a use at that time…

You can to name a couple of ways;

  1. Re-implement the customer entities.
  2. Update Ticket Tag with tag of ‘Customer Name’ and value of [:?Customer Name] which will prompt for customer name, tag the ticket with customer name and put {TICKET TAG:Customer Name} in your ticket template.

Can you please tell me how to create the customer entity …Please if possible then with screen shots,Request

Still waiting ! :frowning:

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@emre I need you ! :disappointed_relieved:

I created Customer entity but the problem I am facing is that I am unable to find the VALUE option in the ticket tag where I have to put the value [:?Customer Name]…

They were two seperate options.
Entities or tags.

I would use ticket tag.

Make new button.
Make an Update ticket tag action.

  • Tage Name: Customer Name
  • Tag Value: [?Name]
    Make a rule for the button.
    Add the update ticket tag action.
    Add {TICKET TAG:Customer Name} into print template.

I did this

and then this and then instead of popup see what’s coming
**Still pop up not coming :frowning: **

Sorry, you need to use the [:field] method so that the[?prompt] is set on the action within the rule.

Change the action to;
Action Name = Generic Update Ticket Tag
Tag Name = [:Tag Name]
Tag Value = [:Tag Value]

Then remove the action from the rule, save the rule, then re add the action.
Then set open the action (dropdown) within the rule, set tag name and Tage value as before but within the rule rather than fixed in the action from the actions list.

I did this

But unable to proceed on this

Did you remove the action from the rule, save the rule then re add the action?

yes i did :frowning:

Thanks Buddy Finally achieved what I wanted!!! Love you man…God bless you…

Why I am getting this after the job done ? mean to say that why that tag name is coming on the screen

Thats what happens in you ticket tag rule, you press your button, add the customers name and it adds it to the ticket as ticket tag in your screenshot

I am confused what your asking for. Are you asking for a way to print a bill with customer name on it? Or are you wanting to just print customer name?

If your only wanting the value for that single print you could add another update tag action with same tag name but empty value to clear the tag after print!

Not sure what your trying to achieve, maybe more info would help in giving best solution.