How to Create a Custom Print Button

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I have already installed SambaPosV4 and running well on my client’s machine.I am receving a challenge. He wants a print button that will automatically post an order,Print a receipt and leave the ticket as paid.I have tried to do that but,the ticket will not clear and the table is still indicating that its not yet settled.

They only have one machine used by all waiters. and there is a cashier at the entrance receiving payment in the receipt as the clients walk away.
Below is my setup of the Print Button

How am i going to configure this

So if the table shows as paid but the customer actually pays a cashier as they walk away using a receipt are you marking tickets as paid before the customer has actually paid it?

Im not quite sure of your flow can you explain again?

And what do you mean by post an order?

Isnt the default behaviour to add orders to ticket, close ticket which submits order to kitchen and updates table state, then when customer is ready to pay you reopen the table and press print bill. Bill prints and ticket closes, give the bill to customer, customer comes to pay, ticket settled and closed, table state updates?

Thanks Rick for the reply,
Yes I want the ticket to be marked as paid on printing of the bill.Once the customer gets the bill,he will pay at the exit the amount on the bill.SambaPos is not used used at the exit.The cashier has a manual calculator to calculate the change.
At the end of the day,the manager will print the sales report and compare the amount closing with the cashier and what has on the POS.

Another Scenerio is assuming SambaPos is being used on a fastfood take way shop.A customer comes and pays for a Sausage.The cashier will give her a receipt which the customer takes to service bay for payment confirmation and collecting of his sausage.

Expand the Actions in the Print Bill Rule so we can see what values the Actions are using.

i thik all you need to do is leave the default setup and just add a pay ticket action (and close ticket action if it isnt already there) to the print bill button

This will then print the bill, pay ticket and close ticket ready for next transaction.

Create and add this action to your print button rule:

this will pay the ticket in cash by the vale of the ticket total

I assume you only take cash payments?

So your print bill rule will have the following actions:

  • print bill
  • pay ticket
  • close ticket

if you leave sambas default setup the colours of the tables will change automatically as per the original setup

If you want to mark the Ticket as Paid, this is a Ticket State update.

You should also ensure your payment fires the action to Mark Ticket as Closed.

Take Mark Ticket as closed out of your rule. This is handled in the Before Ticket Closing Event

Marking it as closed in the rule you showed could prevent the Before Ticket Closing rule from firing which also has the action that Updates Status to Paid which could be what is messing up your state flow.

Also you should put the Pay Ticket before Close Ticket action. It needs to be paid and then closed.

Hi Buddies,
I have used RickH Procedure above and its working Fine.
Thank you very much for the support.

I would like to know if there is a way to create lets say a Content Type in SAMBAPOS.Which can enable one to create;

  • Product Type with custom fields
  • Customer with Custom Fields
  • Hotel Room.

Once again I appreciate your support

If you take card payments as well then you will need a second print bill button (print bill card) copy the rule for print bill and create a new a pay ticket action and change cash to credit/debit card

Then you will have a print bill button that settles cash and a print bill button that settles as card (card isnt integrated in samba yet you would need an external machine and you would just log the card sale in samba at this time)

Customer with custom fields - under entities there is already a customer entity you can add whatever custom fields you like to this

Hotel Room - you could amend the table entity into rooms instead of tables and play about with that

What do you mean product type with custom fields? Can you explain what you want to do?

Thanks once again for the support.i think my issue on product type above can be done by categories. I can now create rooms and add the custom fields that i need,I was wondering whether its possible to intergrate SambaPosV4 with other Room Booking/Reservation softwares?.

It could possibly be possible, more so with V5 when it is released, were currently testing it. @Jesse and @QMcKay have integrated time trex payroll snd scheduling into samba, not an easy task and they are constantly working on improving it and adding features in V5

It would probably take a lot of work to do but as we find out all the time almost anything is doable in samba

Just wanted to clarify @QMcKay helped me with my integration but he does not use TimeTrex. However I am a firm believer that anything is possible. We just have to figure out how to do it. Word of advice if you follow @QMcKay or me or even @RickH and a few other active community members you might notice that we typically get good responses from @emre who is the developer. If you wonder why that is just look at our past discussions. Just about all of our requests, questions, or build questions begin with a discussion and then you see us trying and working through various scenarios and discussions until we come up with a solution.

You will rarely ever see us just request something and then stop and wait for someone to give us a solution. A final thought is also the fact that if you follow our discussions something else you will notice is @emre tends to catch on to ideas sparked through the conversations and in turn it improves Samba. That right there is the essence of a community project.


Am still young in Samba but with time,am sure am gonna be active in the Samba community.I have not yet mastered how everything working but i have successfully installed samba for a fast food joint in Nairobi.

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