How to create a kitchen message without products

I am setting up a restaurant pos system which I need to print 3 messages in to the kitchen printer(not as modifier).For example after submitting an order when customer is ready for main course then I should be able to send a message in to the kitchen that Mains Away Please,similiarly I need to send Dissert Away and Starters Away.
At the moment I have created it as 3 zero priced product item but the problem is that this message is printing in the Bill.
I hop I will be able to solve this.Please help me. Thank you

You would just make the template with the message and whatever info, the aproprate jobs and actions and set the print job actions in the rule of your choice, I would guess an automation command executed rule.

Please show a screenshot of what it looks like now on your kitchen display, and the Template used to produce it.

You might simply want to use the Ticket Note field instead (printer template tag {NOTE}).
Or maybe Ticket Tag(s) would work well for you.

If you can, use you current display, and turn it into a mockup of what you want to see.

Thank you for your reply.Basically I am looking for something similiar to a product item.Jsut open the existing table and press the button.Then it should print message same as a product.But I dont want to print this in the final bill. I am really new to the system and so please try to understand if i am wrong.thank you

I managed to print as JTRTech instructed.I created action and rule to execute print job.Now the problem is that I want this to show somewhere in the order screen that this message has been passed to the there any way for this

Now I have created 2 buttons to print messages like Mains Away and Disserts Away,
But is there any way to show this message on the order screen then staff will be able to realise that the message has been sent.thank you