How to create admin pin protected product?

so i have this issue i made a product that should only be selected by me the admin but cause i am no waiter i made it so that when they select the product it ask for admin pin confirmation this all goes great only thing wrong is that it accepts any code even cancel it accepts. any ideas of how i could fix this?

here is the popup that i want but it accepts any code and it should only accept the admin pin
here are the rules/actions i used

Might have something to do with your command value being blank so it allows any number to be entered??

I can think of 2 other ways to do this:

  1. You show an image of the mapping for the rule in which you are menu item special1, simply change the User Role from * to whatever your user is, that way only thst user role can use it. If more than you have the same user role create yourself a new user role that only you are mapped to

  2. Or create an automation command called Special 1 and select Admin Pin from the confirmation. Create an add order action with the settings for Special 1, create an automation command executed rule that when the Special 1 button pressed it adds the menu item name of Special 1 to the ticket (it will asknfor admin pin to do this)

Now you have your actions and rule setup, go to your menu settings and Select Add Custom Product and type in Special 1. Now open the properties section of the menu where you can amend your category products (name, button colour etc). Find your custom product Special 1 in the list and scroll to the right. At the end there is a column called automation command, type the name of your auto command in here, i called it Special 1 in the setup above.

Now when that product button is pressed on the POS screen if fires the rule we created earlier to add the Special 1 menu item to the ticket but as it is an auto command button being pressed and we set it to admin PIN you will get the keypad to enter a valid pin before the product is added


lol didnt even think of using autocommand button that is indeed a good and easy way to get what i want and if needed i could add rule to it so when tapped it select a specified item thx :wink:

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