How to create inventory for tots of whiskys

i have an inventory item called jack Daniel whisky its supplied in bottles of 250 ml,375 ml and 750 ml. I can either sell this item in bottles or in tots.selling in bottle is relatively easy since i just need to create a recipe for each bottle and link with the inventory item identified.
The question is when i want to sell the jack Daniel whisky in tots,should i create 3 recipes for 250 ml ,375 ml and 750 ml. i want a situation whereby i am able to know the total amount of jack Daniel in my store,whether in 250 ml bottle or 375 ml bottle or 750 ml bottle.This will help me create only one recipe called jack Daniel tot and will always decrease the total volume of jack Daniel once sold.I hope this is making sense ,please guide me

I believed you would make the purchase size the lowest common denominator of purchase sizes.
You may want to check/wait for someone else to confirm as don’t use inventory personally.

In your case I make that 125ml.
So when inputting a 250ml bottle would be 2

If you want more control over the Units for each different Bottle Size, then you should define each size as its own Item … notice how the default Transaction Unit for each of these is Bottle. That means each Item will be reported in Inventory by the Bottle rather than by mL. It also means your purchases will be by the Bottle Unit by default, but you can choose any Unit during your Purchase.


LOL, you could, but it makes more sense to make the Base Unit as mL then set Additional Units using the bottle Volume as the Multiplier. Notice there is no default Transaction Unit, so this Item will be reported by the Base Unit, which is mL. It also means your Purchases will be by the mL by default, but you can choose any Unit during your Purchase.


Keep in mind too, that Recipes can only use the Base Unit of an Inventory Item. So in either setup from above, your Recipes for associated Bottle Products will need to use mL in the corresponding amount …

Here is yet another method to set this up, using Bottle as the Base Unit …

In this case, Inventory will be reported by the Base Unit which is Bottle, and Purchases will be by the Case by default, but you can choose any Unit during your Purchase.

Again, the Recipe can only use the Base Unit of an Inventory Item, which in this scenario is Bottle, so your Quantity can be 1 instead of a multiple of mL (a Unit that does not exist in this setup).


Thanks all for your kind replies,the only question would be , how to set up the tots.While selling i can sell JD in bottles as you have demonstrated above,but i want also to sell the same JD in tots,how do i set this.
I hope i am clear

I don’t know what a tot is. I assumed a tot was a small bottle. If it is a glass or a jigger or a shot or whatever, go with the mL as base Unit.

You said you have 250, 275, and 750 mL. I showed 3 different ways to set that up. The choice is yours; use what works best for your operation.

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Right, great, so whatever…

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thank you sir,point noted.