How to create Network?

I would like to know how to connect Samba POS with another PC!
Foe example I need 1 for accountant, 1 for cashier upstairs and 1 for cashier downstairs!
And 3 of them to control Samba and me to get reports and update the menu and invertory!
Please help me out is URGENT :smiley:

All will need to be on same LAN.
You need to use SQL Express to do multiple terminals.
See tutorial;

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If I had a dollar for every person that said “Its URGENT” man what would I do with it…


Nice! I am gonna try it right now! Thank you very much! <3

Hahahahahaha… I know how you feel but yes IT IS my friend :smiley:

it always is. Personally my sandwich I am eating is more urgent than your issue right now :stuck_out_tongue:

All joking aside that tutorial explains a lot. Also lookup Database Configuration tutorial.


It is easy to set up. I have the same setup in one of my clients premises. 1 front door till. 2 counter tills and a office server that shows the reports.

Using the above tutorial I set it up on all within an hour

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I tried but I couldn’t connect the samw SQL from another PC! Is giving me error :frowning:

make sure you have all the firewall rules set right, or off. Follow it exactly!


on the server and on the POS go into the ‘networks’ and check you are actually seeing eack other terminal

edit: you need to make sure you are using the correct database string too:

computer-name-where-the-server-is\SQLEXPRESS <- or whatever yours is called (note the backslashes not forward)


When I search the Networks I find them but when I try to connect its giving me and ERROR 26 or 40 I searched on the net about it but couldn’t make it work! If II am right, first the SQL must be connected to be sure that it works and after the Samba right? Because when I open even the Samba its giving me ERROR!

thats either a firewall issue or you haven’t set the connection string correctly


How are you searching the network? With SQL manager?
If its SQL errors - error 40 in google suggests named pipes error and 26 suggests issues locating the instance…

Double check you didnt miss anything on the SQL setup tutorial and firewall ports settings.

You can test if firewall is part of the issue by temporally disabling the firewall.


Error 26 means it cant connect to either the instance or the entire server. Your network is either not working or you have wrong instance defined.

Is SambaPOS on the same computer that you installed SQL Express?

Here are some helpful links.


Thank You for helping me out! It worked :smiley: