How to delete the "save button" on account creating screen?


I used a “sambacard” feature in my program and I had a problem with “save button”: when waiters tried to create new “sambacard” they pressed “save”, not a “create account” and after that create an only entity without an account. Can I delete the “save button”?


You can not delete that unfortunately It is a hard coded feature with that Entity Screen. You can always go back to the entity and create the account after if you forget to initially.Alternatively you could use custom entity screen and the available widgets to create your own Sambacard creation screen.


Doubt you can, maybe if you created a custom entity screen or you could move to a [?Prompt] flow and automate the entity creation along with account as part of the automation.


Sounds good, but I don’t know how configure it. I tried to use “layout” entity screen and insert automation command with action “create entity”, but it doesn’t work.


I need your help with custom screen creation. I don’t know how.


Show what you have done

doesnt work doesnt mean much to anyone and no one is going to blindly keep guessing the issue.


Maybe do you have a tutorial for beginners? Because I’ve never done this before.


There isnt going to be a tutorial for exactly what your asking.
You have a custom/layout entity screen, add an automation command widget, that widget is then just like any other automation command button, the command name and value is used are passed into an automation command executed rule with whatever actions you configure.
If you stuck on creating the entity in automation part then that isnt going to be covered in something covering custom entity screen as these are two completly different aspects and there defiantly isnt a tutorial for every complete possible senario of uses.
You issue was you want to force account creation with new entity?
So if it were me I would just use automation command into create entity action and use [?prompt] for each field. The action has option for create account which can set to true.
Use that automation command to create entities rather than using the normal search screen to create new entity,


Some bits need adapting to your setup, like command name and double check fields.
Data fields is formatted;
Field1=Value1,Field2=Value2 etc


@pipneogen I will be honest your best bet is to keep it default and just train them not to press save. Make it important and get them used to pressing Create Account. You can probably build something custom but it really would not be worth it.


So, I tried but it doesn’t work.

  1. When I create through a new button, no account is created.
  2. Do not enter the parameters of the birthday and level.
    accounting action general rule test2 test3


Ok so your primary field/entity name is phone so may need to reverse those.
Also you have those fields in account name so if you don’t provide them how can it create account.
Also not sure what your showing there as data input in one is different to entity then shown… So entity isn’t being created yet alone account.
This is the issue with just saying it doesn’t work and not showing your attempt/setup, instructions don’t match your system because we have to guess


I’m sorry, I’m newbie.

It’s full rules of our sambacard version:
%20Action%20all !
%20Action%20create !
%20Action%20transaction !
%20Rule%20Payment%20Processed %20Entity%201

%20Entity%203 %20Account%20types


What primary field?
What’s question now as you also showing what I guess is your loyalty credit setup.
Have you got entity creating and account creation sorted?


I don’t setup the primary field, and show it on 5 screenshot. I must to write in “Primary field name” part of entity like a “phone number”?


Primary field is required. Hence its called primary. It can be anything you want but remember it is what’s used in database as primary so it will need to be unique which is commonly phone number.


So i Think that phone number is better


And in which case if you do use the create entity action the entity name is then the phone number and customer name would be a custom foeld.


Do you mean it should be done in “Action” or “Rules”? And what pattern, something like [?Phone Number] ?


No I mean if you do then entity name field is your primary field.
If phone is primary then customer name then would be a custom field