How to disable Settle button for some users/waiters

Hi, I love your software and just bought the licence and now trying to set it up for friends restaurant.
My problem is how to disable some users to Settle ticket as we will be using your software in a restaurant that has only one cashier that is in charge of the till. Other users are waiters and they can only place the order but they have no contact with the till as that is job for the cashier?Thanks

Setup a new user as waiter, then under mappings for the settle automation command you need to change the setting from * to cashier (or what ever the role is that you want to allow access to the button). It then wont work for anyone else

Then make sure you waiters are setup as the correct role and not as cashiers


You could also set mappings or constraints on the ‘Settle Rule’.
Using constraints on the action on the rule rather than the rule itself I have a message which checks if there is food on the ticket and if there is if there is a table set, food without table shows a message saying a table is required (so there is table number on the kitchen ticket). an inverse constraint on the settle screen action means if there is food and a table it just goes to settle screen.


Thanks for the help.Mapping did the job :slight_smile:

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