How to discount a set figure off the total bill

hi i would like to find out how i can use the “Discount %” button to take off a fixed amount from a total order.

for example if the total of my order is £102.50, i want to be able to enter 2.50 into number pad and then hit “discount” and once i do this i want it to deduct £2.50 from my total order.

i do not want to use percentages.



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that is not what i am after. i want to enter a amount on the number pad and deduct it from the bill.

so £105.32 bill, i want to deduct £5.32, i enter 5.32 and hit discount and it deducts £5.32

It shows how to configure a calculation template that works with fixed amounts. So you need to configure related calculation template (or create new one) and set calculation type as Fixed Amount.

Also check this tutorial. It shows (method 4) how to add a button that calculates discounts from amounts. So instead of entering 5.32 you can enter 100 (target amount) to deduct 5.32 from 105.32

I wanted to show you how search feature works. There are lots of useful information.

PS: Round button located next to Discount % button also does what you want.


Yes @emre thank you very much, i do appologise and will definetly take your advice next time.