How to Display a Ticket with Popup?

Hello Guys,
how i can Display a Ticket from Clicking on a Popup?
With my current Setup by clicking on the popup it loads a new ticket…

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Popup anzeigen = Show Popup
Beleg anzeigen = Display Ticket
Nachricht anzeigen = Show Message

If im reading that right id that your passing is ticketid-ticketuid
Display ticket is asking for ticket id so no match.
Maybe make new variable of ticketid as just ticket id not uid and pass that into command value for that command.

I tested it with both ticket id and ticket uid no match

Your Id consists of “Ticket Id - Ticket Unique Id”. Samba doesn’t recognize the Ticket Id.

You will need to create a new field for just for Ticket Id.

In your Task Printer Template add this line (Ticket Id={TICKET ID}) under your (Nr={TICKET TAG:OrderID})

In your Entity Screen Properties where you have Popup:[Id], put Popup:[Ticket Id].

See if that works.

I thought I tested it already but I will test it again


Popup Display



Sayın {ENTITY NAME:Müşteriler};<br/>Siparişiniz Yola Çıkmıştır.<br/>Sipariş Zamanı {DATE} {TIME}<br/>Sipariş Tutarınız : [=F('{TICKET TOTAL}',',0.00')] TL dir.<br/> Siparişleriniz;<br/>{ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity,O.MenuItemName,O.Price,O.PortionName:T.Id=[:CommandValue]: * [=F('{0}','#,#.#')]x {1} [='{3}'.replace(/Normal/g, '')] {2} TL<br/>}

Ok i tested it and now it works with (Id={TICKET ID}) but what i want is to broadcast this popup to another terminal i followed this tutorial: Displaying notification messages on terminals but its not working for me atm, sure it will work, something im doing wrong, i will test it more tomorrow…

It looks interesting but my turkish is not the best…:smiley:

What have you got setup for receiving the broadcast?

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ok it works with the show message action but the popup no apears…

EDIT: Now it works with a second AMC. Another question how i can show the popup like @ilyas ?