How to display product timer with food or drinking item in one bill

Dear all,
We need to display product timer in bill that we configured following this link:

Now it display base price of product

Example : Billiards game 7mn = 3,102.27 (by configured 60 mn = 25,000) but it calculates 25,000. How to remove 25,000 while it mixed with non product timer such as Beer …

Please see picture Capture

Thank you

Hello @phoxaysy,

Can you try to apply below code into your template’s related part;


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I’m guessing your going to need to define a separate order template for timmed products.

This will not be necessary if the following code is used…


[='{QUANTITY}'.indexOf(',') > -1 ? FF('{QUANTITY}','0.00') +' Minute' : '{QUANTITY}'+ ' Piece']