How to display ticket sub tag name on table

Hi i when i select customer and punch the order and i just close the table after then i see customer name in customer search but here along with customer name i want to display ticket sub tag on table as i have made few ticket sub tags. so how to do this can any one help me please

You can create your own ticket list screen and format it to show anything you want in any colour, font etc

Search for ticket mister there’s loads of examples

hi u can see the pictures in this online order and home delivery i have created as ticket sub tag so when i punch selecting any one sub tag then it should show on table along with customer name as now only customer name showing test.

If you want it on entity grid screen you will need to use state formatting for the entity states and report expression to query the data. If you expect allot of entities to be displayed on one screen this can cause delay in loading while the report is run for each entity on the grid/screen.
Also if an entity has multiple tickets it will effect what displayed as multiple results may be returned.
Your report expression would need to include a constraint for entity name being $1 where $1 is the entity name for to request.

Alternatively if I were you what I would do is change the screen to layout and make two entity grids left and right, one for collection and one for delivery and adjust filter/automation so that there are separate lists for each.

here i see time on table so instead of time it should display ticket sub tag in customer tickets

Yes, I know what your asking and what I said is how to do it.
You use report type expressions in entity state display format…
It’s well covered on forum so don’t ask for instructions on how to do it…

i try a lot from forums but it is not working so finally i open new topic

If it’s not working you did it wrong and if you can’t find on forum you not trying that hard.
Third result for entity screen state format is a topic I replied to in past and there are many other topics about it.