How to display ticket time on table screen

I have used below link to display ticket time on table screen but it does not work… don’t know why, any clue.

Not a clue simce we cant see what you did, youll have made a configuration mistake somewhere

Post screenshots of your setup so we can see if we can find the error :slightly_smiling_face:


I have added the below code to New Order States

<color White>${REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:{0}}</color>

Isn’t the state unpaid after ticket close? Or is that just ticket and not entity.
Sorry not worked with entity states for a while?

Does it show anything?

Try enabling “Use State Display Format” setting on related Entities > Entity screens > Appearance page. For example you can enable it for “All Tables” screen.

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Thanks that resolved the issue.