How to do Tiered Pricing?

I have several different products that I want to lump into tiered pricing. For example I have 3 Flavours in Riceballs. my pricing is
3.25 for 1
2.99 for 2 or more
2.75 for 6 or more
2.50 for 12 or more

How do I set this up, so that If someone for example purchases 5 mozzarella, and 2 Spinach. it will automatically fall into the 6 or more price range at 2.75 a ball?


One way is to setup a Riceball category with seperate products for 1 Riceball, 2-3Riceball … 12-13 Riceballs etc and just use order tags to add the combination of flavours

So your proce comes from the product selected eg you press the 2 Riceball button which adds the 2 Riceball product with price 5.98. Have these products set to auto select so that when they added the order tag screen appears to add the flavours needed

The order tags can be set to add a minimum and maximum number so for that you would need to setup different order tag groups for each product option so that you could set a minimum of 2 and max of 3 for the 2-3 riceball product and a minimum of 12 max 13 for the 12-23 riceball product

If you trust your staff to add the correct number of order tags for each product then just create 1 group with no min or max settings and it will let you add any number

You would also make sure the add order tag price to product price is not ticked since you want the order tags to show as “free” as the price is given by adding the relevent product first

There probably are other ways to do this, but this is the first thing that came to mind, hope that helps/gives you spme ideas