How to edit group code name

Please is there a way to edit the names of group code that are already created?

Kindly Note that I want to edit the names already there. Not create a new Group Code Name

For example, I have DAILY SPECIALS, and I want to change/edit it to WEEKEND SPECIALS instead of creating an entirely new Group Code Name. I have many more of such.

I’ll appreciate if someone can kindly guide me on how to go about this.

Id use database task for that.
A simple script can do it for you especially if you have a lot of products to go through individually.
Ill attach a database task in zip file.

Save the file in Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Tasks folder

Keep in mind script is case sensitive. Make sure to make a backup before you proceed.
[CBL]Update Product (299 Bytes)

UPDATE MenuItems
SET GroupCode = 'WEEKEND SPECIALS'	-- update GroupCode of product items to WEEKEND SPECIAL
WHERE GroupCode = 'DAILY SPECIALS'	-- update only groupcodes where groupcode equals to DAILY SPECIALS

Then go to Manage > Settings > Database Tools > Database Tasks > select & execute task

Obviously for each GroupCode you want to update, you will have to edit the script of the file you copied in Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Tasks

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