How to edit information display on the header of the "Ordering" Menu?

Picture reloaded to reflect correct intention in adding a ticket no.

This area is ticket states.
Can you define Order # and order numbers as far samba goes would be per order line for each order not on a ticket level.
Do you mean ticket number or do you have a custom ‘order #’ setup?
You could add automation to add a ‘Order #’ state using ticket number or you custom ordr numbering on ticket creation. If doing that be sure to make new ticket state actions and DO NOT use the default ticket status state actions as this will mess up your system.

Thanks for the correction. I do mean ticket no.

Or alternativly look on the forum for using the update shell title action which has two options for aplication title and ticket header.ticket header

Well, new ticket that not submitted yet will not have ticket no.
Open old ticket number you will see ticket number.

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New ticket will have ticket number but not ticket id.
Most automation uses id but template uses ticket number by default ense ticket number would not be posible on print bill of unsubmitted ticket.

Well kind of, it does has ticket no reserved but you can’t get access to ticket no until ticket saved.

The point is I don’t know why he ask because it already have ticket no show on ticket header once it saved.

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Are you sure? I had a check and while may have missed it could have swarn ticket screen doesn’t show ticket number, even after submitted?

Arrr, my bad, it’s in front of entity? Missed that.

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More like a feel good indicator for the boss :stuck_out_tongue:
so that he knows how many tickets are done so far without going to other screen. No. of tickets and total sales on going are common questions that the fast food restaurant owners ask the cashiers.

So surely it’s not ticket number as that is indefinite ongoing number and most fast food places I know use a daily ticket/‘order’ number.
I think she’ll title module/action to update ticket header will be what your ultimately looking for along with a resetting ‘order number’

Yes, the several fast order POS I see/used employs an “order number” that will reset to 1 at the beginning of a shift. With what you said, I see that the “Ticket No” is a forever ongoing unique ID then. Now it seems like I need to find a way and space to display a counter