How to exclude drinks from Kitchen

Can anybody help me see my mistake with excluding beverages from the other food. As far as I can tell my mapping is correct. Yet beverages keep getting printed to the kitchen? I should mention that I also tried what appears to be the normal method shown in Printing Tutorial in Detail but this had the same outcome.

Can you show a screenshot of one of your beverage products so we can see the group and tag configuration for a drink product.

Personally I usually go for more finite control.
My print setup using the state field in the print action to print specific orders similar to the default where it only prints New except I have made seperate printing sates of KPrint=Print which is changed to KPrint=Printed and similar for BPrint=
These states are added to orders as they are added to ticket based on Kitchen print and Bar Print product tags which allows easy per product print settings.
These use two print jobs to two print templates so are very separate flows.

dont forget KPrinting lol

No KPrint=Printing in my setup…