How to extract customer's date in excel sheet

I am new to Samba POS, i want to know how to export customers date in excel sheet.

This will get you started…

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I am very new here, to begin with if I did this but does not shows anything


Your syntax is wrong. Report tags are case sensitive. So the actual report portion is always caps and then the Entity Type is case sensitive for example if your Entity Type is Customers then the tag would be:


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I did it but still does not show customer data in reports.

Any idea here how to fix it?

Help us help you.

You need to show what you have done or tried.

You also need to show a screenshot of your Customer Entity Type, including the Custom Data Fields.

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Hi QMcKay,
Thanks for your response, below are screenshots.
I also wants to change default search field in customer search to mobile, so that when we search from mobile number and if customer is new, on pressing new customer it takes customer phone number in as default field.

Still waiting, any help here.

That is not how you build a custom report. You should study other reports to get idea.

Can you please share links for some sample reports to get idea.

You have some built in sambapos already to look at. But one moment I’m on my phone so not easy to look up stuff. I’ll try and find the wiki link.

I did following but it does not show any data. Don’t know if I am correct.


That is a Data Export template. How are you trying to use it? I would start by trying simple reports first then try the more advanced data export.

PS for the data export to work you need the correct report syntax. Where did you see C.Name etc from?

From the page I linked you its EC.<custom field> NOT C.<custom field>

Custom reports is very powerful I suggest taking your time and reading through it and practicing with basics first. Pay attention to the examples provided and syntax documentation so you don’t make silly mistakes like that.

Unlike most of the other features Custom Reports is documented very well and we have a huge resource available for them.

This link provides very detailed layout of most tags, expressions, fields available:

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