How to filter reports into two separate ones

Hi, i have a grocery store which has a fish shop attached to it.

customers can pay for there fish orders at the grocery till as well as the fish till.

but because i am registered under two different companies for the fish shop and the grocery store i need to submit there accounts separately and not under one report.

is there any way to create two different reports on the system? for example one report for all fish products and another separate report for all grocery products.

please let me know if this is possible.

thank you

It would depend on how you have split them…
If your mixing and matching guessing it’s not ticket type and probably not department.
Are you just setting product groups which are unique to both.
Think key question is can you have a ticket with sales for both shops.
If so your refining factor needs to be on order level like product tag, state or custom value.
You need to let us have more information as to what needs to be picked up by the report to seperate.

Hi @JTRTech

thanks for your response.

i will try to explain in detail below what i want to achieve.

the fish shops sells products:
a , b & c.

grocery shop sells products:

d, e & f

i have two tills in the store, 1 at the grocery counter and the other at the fish counter.

due to it being very busy during the day we process orders for the fish shop and the grocery shop at both tills to help cut down on queues.

so a customer can pick product A from the fish shop and product E & F from the grocery shop and pay for them at the grocery till.

or they can pick products A B & D (mixture of products from both sections) and pay for them at the fish counter.

what i want samba pos to do is, when creating the report to pick out all products (a b & c) sold from the fish shop and create a totally separate report from all the products (d e & f) sold from the grocery shop.

so at the end of day i will have two separate reports to submit to my accountant for each shop.


If you add groups to your products so all grocery has a GROCERY group in the product create/edit setting and FISH for all the fish ones youll be able to do a report based on group so all grocery sold and all fish

You could break you groups further ie FISH - Fish, FISH - Chips so you could report on individual groups within the main group

Theres probably other ways, but it can definitely be done :slight_smile:

I would like it to be printed out as end of day reports.

Samba v5 includes the custom reports so so long as you have something which can be used to filter in the report you will be able to make a custom report to show a split.
Payments on the other hand would not really be split able if tickets are mixed from both product groups however from tax side its sales figures rather than payments you’ll be looking at.

Hi could you help explain in a little more detail how i could go ahead and configure this ?

You just need to use a method to distinguish products from each store/shop. The simplest method is to set the Group Code for the Products.

For all Fish Shop Products, set the Product Group Code to “Fish Shop”.
For all Grocery Store Products, set the Product Group Code to “Grocery Store”.

Using reports you can easily filter for one Group Code or the Other.

If you don’t want to use the Group Code, you can use a Custom Product Tag, which is essentially the same thing as a Group Code, but you can define your own Tags.

Thanks @QMcKay for your detailed response.

I will give it a go