How to find forgotten admin password

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How to find out forgotten admin password
I am using sql server 2012 database…pls help

Connect to the SQL Database using MS SQL Management Studio (or similar)…

SELECT PinCode FROM Users WHERE Name = 'Administrator'

That will give you the PIN

(This works for V5… Not sure if it will work for V4… perhaps some table names, columns or values might be a little different, but this should get you close).


Thanks for reply…I checked the above u mentioned but i couldn’t.

If nothing else you could just use SQL Manager to brows the database and view to users table.

You couldn’t what?

Connect to the DB?
What tables are in the V4 DB, is there anything that looks like a “Users” table?

Connected to DB…I did expand the odb.users

What do you mean, “expanded”

You either need to write a SELECT query in a new query window, or right-click and use the built-in select 1000…



Yer, right click and select ‘Select Top 1000’


Well ; got it …Thanks alot

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