How to fix this

press button “CERRAR”

I have install

How to fix what? What is your problem?

because it opens new ticket

Umm your pressing close button… its not opening new ticket its closing your current ticket. Fast Payment button instantly pays total amount and closes that ticket. It does not display Payment Screen.

So what is your issue?

If you want to close the tag screen press “Close” on bottom right, not “Cerrar”

when I close my ticket and it is open Display Tag Order

His entire thread is confusing. IM not sure what his actual issue is. I cant figure out how Fast Payment Buttons play into this. I cant see a problem either.

Did you set Department to Create Ticket instead of Select Entity? I have a feeling this post is going to be a cat and mouse game.

I’m sorry, my english is bad

I thought you get used to it already. LOL

@arturjur show your close ticket rule.

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My only problem is when I close my ticket and is open display order tag

Sorry, ticket closing rule and before ticket closing rule too. Actually Rule Debugger would be better.

@arturjur You should NOT change any default rules at all. When you change default rules (especially state), it will change the flow of the SambaPOS. Default states for Order,Ticket and Entity should left untouched or you will end up like this.

Maybe you have to start fresh again then just clone the default if you want to change anything, so you can remove it if you have problem.

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My only problem is when I close my ticket and is open display order tag

I have a serious problem

to send commands to my kitchen if you mistakenly leave selected an order happens.



only changes the selected order
the boys rush and leave selected, por error

You messed up and made a configuration mistake. We don’t know what you messed up. You need to compare to a fresh database and fix your mistakes.

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@arturjur I wanted to point out something to you. You have been asking the same thing for the past week and half. You even separated it and asked it again in 2-3 posts yet nobody has responded. We answer requests we can understand and if we cant understand and we try to ask for more information but the same confusion occurs then the request will probably just get ignored.

What I mean is the community will not feel like answering something they dont understand, They also will not keep trying to understand if the person asking for help doesn’t give any more details to help the community understand.

Language barrier is a problem but there are many tools to help you explain your requests and I have seen people that speak absolutely horrible English convey a problem without ever typing a word of English.

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I guess I`m late to this party but with the same issue ironically.

The issue in hand is when I press the close button as shown on the first post, instead of leaving the ticket screen it opens a new ticket. So the only way out is to change table. So something is messed up checked the close button rules actions etc.

You would probably have been better to start a new ticket as has been a while since last post on this one.

Show screenshot of your close button rule…

Check your department setting make sure it’s set for Select Entity and not Create Ticket.