How to fix unstable round feature?

Hi, guys

I have been using rounding feature without problem, I followed bellow(method 3)

Recently i added 5% service charge and found strange behavior. Round feature sometimes work, sometimes not.
I attach previous behavior before adding 5% surcharge and after.

Please help me find the problem.


[Before 5% service charge - works fine]

[After 5% service charge - randomly have rounding]

Is it just me or are both working examples round down and the not working one round up?

I think it is just coincidence, i tried again on another item. And round down, and round up didn’t work good.

Sort your Calculation Types so they are applied in the proper order for whatever you want to achieve, That is what the Sort function is for… drag the Calculation Types up/down so they are in the correct order for when you want them applied.

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Thanks i’ll try that

– Solved! : It was because sorting. Thank you @QMcKay