How to format img tag in ask question action

i am using a ask question action to show an image but my image way too big that it dont even show OK button i had use Alt + F4 to return to order

but after reducing the image pixel from 200 height to 150 height also dont make much difference on squared image but if its a rectangular then it fits to the screen

BUT still in rectangular also the text in image seems to be expanded / stretched

is there any other way beside reducing the size ?

What you put in your Ask Question - Question? Probably wrong format you put in there.

Here mine:
Question: <img></img>

BTW, it doesn’t look like 200 or 150 px at all. Are you sure the image size is 150px height.

here is the images properties

Are you wanting the image to be in background? If so you need to set it as the background.

no as a background i want to display image…i image are square i am trying to change them to rectangular then they fit on screen.

what i notice was changing thm to rectangular size decrease the file size in this way they fit to screen

I’ve added fill, uniform, uniformfill settings for img tag. I hope one of these image stretching methods will solve your issue.

new tag syntax is

<img height width stretch>
  • Will be available for next version.