How to generate report?

First i have to say sorry. Maybe my post is double topic in forum. But for me it is new work task that i am going to work on. I would to like generate report as attached image below:

Could you please advise to refer to useful topic.

Thank you

There are a fair few details reports tutorials on the forum, have you tried searching for them?

Yes. I found this topic

Do I need to buy addons module from SambaMarket ?


To make your own reports in V4 you would need the custom reports module.
You can make pure SQL reports if you know how but tutorials for that will probably be fairly limited as most are done using the samba reporting ‘shorthand’ which emre implements so people with less SQL knowlage can still create report.

Here is a better resource for Custom Reports module.


Hi there,
After buying Custom Reports module ~50$. How many restaurant(Computer) we can install on.
Only one ? or we can login to account and install for many time.

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You can install on all terminals as they connected to the same database server.

Hi Emre,
Once again you said thay “all terminals as they connected to the same database server”

  • Terminal means one PC (different restaurant)?
  • Database Server means your live server to purchase module ?

And which page can we register to be able login into SambaMarket?

Thank you.

If you have 5 terminals connected to one database in your restaurant you can install it on all 5 terminals. If you have another restaurant then you need to purchase another license.

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