How to get note print on recepit

How to get note print on recipt, as you can see in the image

use printer tag {TICKET TAG:Your_Tag_Name}

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If its note it will be {NOTE}

Look on the right of the template, or if you have preview click the template help button. It shows you a list of most tags and generally they are self explanatory;


there is an option of Ticket Note in the software can i get this text on recipt, it can be anything like address of customer …which will be different for every customer

Did you bother reading the reply?
You put {NOTE} in the layout section of your ticket template. Job done.


@m.bilalsarwar in your printer ticket template use the tag {NOTE} to display it in the position you desire within your template.

if this isnt solved yet, cna you paste your pritner template and say where you want the note to be printed