How to get rid of edit entity or add entity in Entity Screen

is their any simple way to acheive this? I dont want my regular employees messing around with changing enties, just being able to add them. If I cant I guess Ill be not letting them goto this screen and just show them the automatic one.

The default customer screen allows you to add Customer Entities. Can you be more specific if customers is not what your asking about?

Yes, on that default screen is their anway to remove these options? Add Customer; Edit Customer?

No you would have to use a custom screen and customize it how you want. Why do you not want your employees to be able to add customers?

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When asking questions be detailed and go over your work flow your trying to achieve. Asking simple questions may not get you the answers your looking for.

For example I wasnt sure if you meant while you were inside management or if you meant something else. It sounded more like management screen but now your saying the simple customer screen. Entities can be anything as well, Customers, Stores, Money… you need to be more specific with your questions and explain to us your problems in more detail so we can give you better answers.

PS: Most of your questions have been answered numerous times in the forum you should take advantage of the search function and really dig into the forum.

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I want to implement a method that bill of entertainment table should not not include in total sale. Entertainment table mean table for hotel owners and i need to not include this table orders to sale.

Gift? there is a gift option on samba by default, makes the order so it is not included in the ticket total.
This still goes in the DB and is recorded but will not be in ‘Sales’. You will see in the breakdown on the work period report the value of gifts for the period.

Not sure what your question has to do with this topic though… You can create new topic you know :slight_smile:

Thanks brother that was my question.

What is the purpose of Round Button plz help me???

Please make new topics for your questions. Don’t bump old topics with questions that don’t relate.