How to get the last penny? :P

I have setup a “pay by seat” which basically is splitting the long list of orders into smaller one and pay by it. But due the the tax in my area is 3 decimal places, it may have been affecting the calculation accuracy in the splitting. The smallest transferable amount in cash in the US is penny which is two decimal places ($0.01) in a dollar. So I assume even if I increase the decimal places to 3 in Samba in may not help because we cannot change hands $0.005 in cash. In the general, we can use round up or round down to kill off the difference. Is there such a setting in SambaPOS. I don’t seem to find it.

In summary, the case would be something like this: the whole bill is $100.03 when added all together in one bill but when I split the items up, apply the tax individually, the total I can get may be only $100.02.

I also implemented the “fast pay” setup, it never has the same issue because it works on the total balance left over and assigns the difference to the last unlucky guy.

Beside doing the same with assigning the last penny to the unlucky guy, is there a more elegant way to do it?

Currently, I just tell my cashier to pay it off with cash from the drawer. A small issue to the company but looks bad in good business and good IT practices I feel.

Sorry this problem only happens once a while so I cannot get screen shots to show more clearly.

Do a search for rounding there are several tutorials on it.

Here is a good tutorial for you.