How to get the print job as soon as I complete writing my note!

How to get the print job as soon as I complete writing my note !

What kind of note?
If you can split the updating of the note in to an automation command sequence you can do that…

I have Created two buttons one for entering customer name which i have linked to EDIT NOTE and then after I close it and then print Invoice …, And In the Printer template I have Made this to get the customer name… … The thing I want is a single Button name as Print Invoice on which when I click Ask for Customer Name and when I will fill the customer name and click on OK =…It should automatically print the Invoice…That’s it,…

I would have gone with ticket tag rather than note but should work similarly.
Just add a print invoice action (execute print job) in the rule you have made for you print invoice (and ask customer name).

Make it one button, and have two actions in the button rule, the ticket note action then the print bill.

I did that but the problem I faced was that The ticket note editor opened and at the same time print also executed…and hence before writing a single word in the editor I was getting the print…The thing I wanted is to print bill only after I have completed writing the name in the note editor…

Is it just name?
Is this the same project as your other question I just posted on?
If you use ticket tag it should work…
The action must be add ticket note rather than update.
The update tag action with a [?prompt] will hold the rule flow untill the prompt has been entered.