How to have a TAKEAWAY and DINE IN different departments?

Hey Wizards,

I need your help again. I have a pizza place and we are starting dine in today so I need to separate Takeaway menu and Dine in. Plus I need to add 10% on the bill for up to 6 people in Dine in.

Any idea on how to make this works?

Thank you very much!

make a department, a seperate menu for department and autonation to add a service charge when department is eat in.

Is this a tax or service charge? Is it a 10% regardless of the amount of people? Or does it very based on the number of people?

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Thank you for your help. Should I used tickets or reservation ticket when creating a second department?

Every dine in serving more 6 or more people. Thank you very much!

I have now 2 departments and menus: Takeaway and Restaurant.
I created 2 portions for every product because they have different prices. I already see the TAKEAWAY and RESTAURANT buttons at POS.

Unfortunetely the RESTAURANT menu still giving me the TAKEAWAY prices. How can I fix that?

I have one more question if thats ok (Oh man its hard to be a beginner sometimes):

Is that possible to keep the open bills at tables? I have 10 tables configured as entities.

Thank you so much for your help.

don’t duplicat questions, answered ticket types on other topic.

tickets should stay open on tables, nkt sure what you mean.
Much have changed something or gone wrong.
By default when you close an unpaid ticket thats on an entity the entity state is updated to new orders and ticket state to unpaid
Default entity screen had formatting state of status which default is orange for new orders so tables with tickets would show orange.
If not it could be a few things from broken state flow or bad automation to simple as not setting the formatting state fkr entity screen.
If you select the same table without starting a new ticket does it not open the unpaid ticket?

you have to understand that tables are not single use slots, they are links to associated tickets.
Dependkng on your setup you can have multiple unpaid tickets on an entity like tables.
If you has create ticket as ceeation method as I always do, before starting a ticket select table allows opening of unpaid tickets, if a ticket is started select table will be selecting the table for that ticket.

Im now using 2 departments and same menu but with 2 prices. Its working well. I was able to see the tickets and seems to be fine.

Thank you very much @JTRTech for your time and patience.

Is this a tax that is paid to the government?

Its common in USA to add a gratuity to parties larger than set number so what he is asking is not unheard of. First you need to decide how you are tracking # of customers per table. Build that and then you can use constraints on # of people to decide when to apply a calculation.

Do you know how can I track how many costumer for table ou have a buttom to add 10% at the ticket if thats easier?

Thank you @Jesse

Some restaurants charge for table service here in Ireland so I need to figure out a button to add 10% charge direct on the bill.

Thanks @Bob_be

Have a look here: