How to have orded tags in printer template not have a new line spacing

Check out {ORDER TAG LIST:X} tag. You use it at [ORDERS] level so don’t need an [ORDER TAGS] part. It will give you a comma separated list of all order tags on that order.

If you want to have the tags like “+Milk” etc, I suggest you just create the tags like that. If you don’t want comma separated, you could create a script to parse the output using {CALL:X} to remove the commas and replace with spaces, for example.

You can read more about the {ORDER TAG LIST:X} tag in this related topic:

PS: Why the image instead of text? Surely would have been better just to copy & paste the text into the forum?


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I wrote this up in onenote with some pictures of the images I wanted, I just selected it all pasted then didnt have another look, looks as if it jsut converted it all to an image.

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Yeah I noticed sometimes depending on what I paste it also tries to convert to image, typical example would be a cell or selected range in Excel. If you paste it directly, it converts to image. But if you copy the text, or if you paste using CTRL+SHIFT+V in Chrome you get text.