How to use {ORDER TAG LIST:X}

Here the template



<L00>  - {ORDER TAG LIST:Ingredient Modifiers}

I got

Test Item x 1

  • No Onion,No Mushroom
  • No Onion,No Mushroom

The list repeat to number of order tags it has. It will repeat 3 times if I have 3 order tags.

And how to set what to print in the list for ex, {ORDER TAG NAME},{ORDER TAG PRICE},{ORDER TAG NOTE}. Right now it only print {ORDER TAG NAME}

It does what you are saying and prints each order tag line with that format. If you add {DATE} tag there it will print date 3 times.

I didn’t understand the question here. It will be better if you can explain your use case.

But it should print all order tags in one line isn’t it because this is the ORDER TAG LIST

What if order tag has order tag note and order tag price how to print those values in {order tag list}?

Ahh OK. {ORDER TAG LIST} is an order level printer tag so you should include it on order format. You don’t need order tag level formatting.

What it prints when order tag have a price?

It does not print price, just name.

I tried:

{ORDER TAG LIST:Ingredient Modifiers}


Test Item x 1

No Modifiers printed

Put formatting in front like <L00>

Try this:

<L00>{ORDER TAG LIST:Ingredient Modifiers}

I got

Test Item x 1
{ORDER TAGS LIST:Ingredient Modifiers}

Opp my bad, ORDER TAG LIST No S Works now

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<J00>{ORDER TAG LIST:Condiments}


Ticket# 34      OP# 0001   TE# 1   TR# 642
 1 Hamburger.Single                   2.50

Yes, it work my bad typo ORDER TAGS LIST with S.

Can you get order tag price working?

Maybe {ORDER TAG LIST} should be like {ORDER TAGS} then have [ORDER TAG LIST] section to define more setting

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Ticket# 36      OP# 0001   TE# 1   TR# 644
 1 Hamburger.Single                   2.75
Jalepeno Peppers,Ketchup,Mayo         0.25

<J00>{ORDER TAG LIST:Condiments}|{ORDER TAG PRICE:Condiments}

PS: In my example the only tag with price was Jalepeno Peppers. They are 0.25

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I was expect like:

Jalepeno Peppers $0.25,Ketchup,Mayo $0.25

Thats not how that tag works… thats actually two tags… so what your wanting is a different tag? I think what your wanting is not possible atm. Maybe explain your need in detail with an example.

Show us what your imagination sees. Give us a finished example of what you want to see on ticket. Ignore tags etc for now.

Wow wow @Jesse while I was thinking how it should be written in less confusing style… saw this and this is really a great solution.

Maybe like this




NO forget tags… just give a mockup final ticket of what you want to see.

So it looks like your wanting Order Tags with Name and Price comma separated and in line.

So if you have Hamburger with Mayo, Lettuce Ketchup and Mayo = .25 Ketchup = .12 and Lettuce =0 it might look like

1x Hamburger   
Mayo $0.25, Ketchup $0.12, Lettuce

is that right?

Old Style order tag

Test Item x 1
- Add Chicken $0.50
- Add Shrimp $1.00
- No Mushroom

We should see like:

Test Item x 1
  - Add Chicken $0.25,Add Shrimp $1.00,No Mushroom

Edit; You beat me to it.

I think we need a new tag for that. Or simply just a way to format order of tags to comma separated instead of each on own line.

@emre I swear we talked about this recently… i cant remember where though. I thought you came up with something for it? Maybe I dreamed it lol

Coulda swore we had a discussion several days ago about comma separated in line order tags. Maybe thats where {ORDER TAGS LIST:X} came from… do we need additional support for showing price in line with it?

EDIT: Found it yes 5.1.51 introduced the feature… so right now what you want is not possible Sukasem. @emre would need to build something for it.

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Personally I like how it looks showing total of the tags. But I understand why you might want it the way you showed.

Well displaying price is something different :slight_smile: That probably makes {ORDER TAG LIST} tag useless because price appearance and value delimiter should be optional as , char is also used in prices. Having different tag for is also is not a good solution as we’ll need to add a different tag combination for every display format we’ll need. Hmm. I’d prefer that discussed before I implement it lol. I thought table format will be preferred for priced tags. I think I have to find another solution.

Well, personally I prob. wont use this but I want to try ;). Printer can’t print many characters per line anyway.

Waiting for @Jesse Kitchen Display with task printer :smiley: