How to Have Scroll Bar for Buttons?

i have alot of button for discount how can i scroll down?

Your better of implementing a Ask for Discount Amount button where you can select the discount amount via a pop up. See:

Scroll bars are generally not a good idea on touchscreens its just makes things a little more complicated. A good POS design should not have any scroll bars. I would suggest you do the above for your discount button problem. I would also suggest you reduce your button height for your categories and products so that you have no scroll bars.

Just put all the discount amounts in the Values field in the Automation Command Button so you only need one button.

@Isaac i try to implement the discount via show message but my logic didnt work

@JohnS if i put values under discount button how will i send these values in action for computing discount?

Look at the variables that the Rules give you.

[:CommandValue] will pass the Automation Command Button Value to your Action

is this correct ? its not working

What values do you have set in the Automation Command Button?

Try just the numbers.


As you are passing 5% Discount into the Action and that’s why it cannot calculate properly.

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