How to integrate my Credit card swiper with samba pos v5

I want to integrate sambapos with my credit card swiper. Can anyone help me out with the steps

It’s not that easy. What kind of swiper is it?

Hi Kendash. Its a normal Swiping machine used in Restaurants to swipe cards. I just need the card type in the Printed bill .

I’m sorry but normal swiping machines can be lots of brands and companies. How they work is all different. You can’t just hook it into sambapos. If all you need is card type then we can create a popup asking card type when you press credit button in payment screen.

@sangeethrayaroth would the popup on pressing credit work? It can add card type to printed ticket and store it with ticket in the database.

Actually if you are just wanting to swipe the card to record the card type (and NOT process the card at all), you can swipe the card and it will capture the car number. You can determine the card type from the first 4-6 digits of the card number. The info is widely available online, search google or Wikipedia maybe. The swipe data will be read and sent to SambaPOS like entered on the keyboard, so you need to capture this and manipulate it. However if you use any barcodes it will likely not work, since the large number of card number prefixes, they could easily clash with a barcode.

Sorry I am on my mobile at the moment and quite rushed but I hope that at least is what you are looking for and gives some idea what may be possible.

Here are some examples where you could use a script in SambaPOS to check the card number. I haven’t read through the examples though.

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Yes , this is exactly what i need .

Thanks mark . This is exactly what i need. Can u help me out with how to implement it . Because i am a biginner in samba customisation

What kind of card reader? How does it connect? Sambapos has to communicate to it in order to read any swipes. We need to know this so we can be sure how it would communicate.

Is it just a card reader or is it a credit card machine?

I am pretty sure it is just an MSR on the side of his POS. Those generally just send output to keyboard.

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I just wanted to make sure because he is taking cards if it’s a card machine that changes things.

Yeah I know, but he called it a “credit card swiper”

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So it’s the actual machine you use for making the payments?
You will struggle intergration with it if that’s the case as they are usually locked down for security and PCI.
Even intergration with payment sense made by sambe doesn’t return card type etc, it just makes samba tell the terminal the transaction amount and returns if it went through or failed etc. They purposefully return as little info as possible to reduce the pci requirements for the eposnow software side.
A full intergration like you might see at big supermarkets etc where receipt shows last 4 digets etc is because they have their own software and probably have a team of people managing the system for the whole business

So @Jesse you were right, he does think it can work with a card machine. That’s what I get for guessing too much :stuck_out_tongue:

This isn’t possible, or at least not easy and not something we can help you with to integrate a card machine. It is a lot of work and you would need to have the technical capabilities to do it yourself, which you admit yourself you don’t have.

Actually Paymentsense integration does return the card type, just the integration does not save it. It returns the card type, last 4 digits as well as some other details, you can check the API it shows you what it returns. I never brought this up as firstly we all wanted a working integration before niceties like this, but now we have a pretty much working integration with Paymentsense, yes it would be nice to be able to return this type of info. Returning card type and last 4 digits makes no difference regarding PCI DSS compliance, it is pretty much meaningless data in that sense.


That’s interesting to hear.
Yes would be nice. Expecially to have card types translate to payment type - at least Amex at least since payments come in separately from them.