How to Join two tables using entities states?

Is there a possible way to join tables using entity states, this is the scenario
4 Customers sits at table of 4 seats, another 4 customers arrive and ask the staff to join the tables,
when the waiter is taking the order at sambapos, i’d love to show the same ticket on both tables and different color. like red whe the bill is printed.

No you can’t add two entities from the same entity type but you can merge two tickets into one when ready to pay.

If I were looking to do that I would use states to just mark one of the tables as occupied without a ticket actually being on it. I have a state flow for marking a table reserved which starts a ‘holding ticket’ but in theory you can update entity state without a ticket and make it show as joined


@JTRTech I’ll Try with your hold ticket tutorial thanks thats the way I tought it will be resolve