How to lock product list after bill printed?

I am looking for a way to lock the capability for adding products to ticket after the Bill is printed.

For example:
I got 3 product in my ticket, i print the bill and after that i want the users to not be able to add other items if the bill was printed.

Is this possible ? I really need this because i got a smart guy that was stealing using this method :).

What method?
Adding items would required larger payment than total on print… Customer would not accept this.
If you mean adding order but only taking payment for printed total what are they steeling? Product?

After he Printed the Bill he was adding new products so that he gets 2 tickets for clients and the other ticket was used for him to steal, he printed 2 tickets and hit settle only once the products from the other tickets was sold without using the software so that the stock will remain higher, sometimes he was buying drinks from outside and sell it in my bar

Also i am using a rule that lock the Settle button if the ticket is unlocked, if you print bill the settle will become active but if you add by mistake a product the ticket will get new status and the ticket will be unlocked and user can’t settle without printing the bill one more time this is another reason i need the button locked after bill was printed

Search for the ticket print/copy number also then. Its not the adding the extra item that’s the issue its copy bills

You can do that but it wont fix him stealing. He will just find another way. You should take care of him first. A better method is to use ticket logging and log all activity. Also if he only settled for part of the ticket then the actual ticket will still show unpaid.


Did you tried disabling user’s ticket unlocking permission?

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Yes this fixed the problem thanks