How to make a fast sale

I am quite new here. And I miss a button that goes directly to that sale site. Fore making a fast little cash or card sale.
No table no specific name just cash sale.
It takes to long time to make new customer with name just to sell small things like a water.

Go to Settings - Departments Set it to Create Ticket instead of Select Entity.

I just tryed that. It dont make any differnets at all…
Beside this I like to have a button were I quickly can go diretly to the site were I choose the produkt I have told. Dont know what that site is named?

You have to log out and back in for change to show

Year thanks a lot I found out.
Now I have a nother problem. I like to have 2 to 4 open tickets or sale that I can switch between.
Like people from company 1 come and bye 3 beer and dont pay. Then people from company 2 is bying 4 beer without paying. No I like easy to go back to company one and add some more beers.
Hove do I do that easy?

You can still add customers to tickets just click the Customer button. Can go back to open tickets the same way.