How to make buttons in Entity Screen that are visible to certain User Role?

I have created buttons within Entity Screen. But I am not able to select certain buttons to appear only when the current is at least a certain level. For example, I have defined Admin and MGT roles, I want Add User Button, Modify User Button, Delete User Button be allowed Only to them while Drivers, General Staff, cannot see these buttons.

I used Custom View Mode for the Entity and there is a Role drop menu but it allows only ONE role to be selected rather than like Admin, MGT, Boss… Furthermore, this selector applies to whole Entity Screen not just certain buttons.

Not sure if there is visability mapping for command button widgets on entity screen, that would likely screw your layout up if there were…
Can you not just map the automation command rule behind the button making it visable but inactive as required?
You could use ternarry expression with <panel> and/or<font> to ‘grey out’ the button to go with disabling via command mapping on the rule?

There is no control for Visibility for an Automation Command button on an Entity Screen.

However, there is control for Validation in the button Settings, where you can use things like the following to control when the button is enabled or disabled:

'{:CURRENTUSERROLE}' is 'Administrator'
'{:CURRENTUSERROLE}' == 'Administrator'


'{:CURRENTTERMINAL}' is 'Server'
'{:CURRENTTERMINAL}' == 'Server'

When Validation fails, the button will be disabled:


Never mind, found it is like the Javascript ||
‘{:CURRENTUSERROLE}’ == ‘Administrator’ || ‘{:CURRENTUSERROLE}’ == ‘MGT’

In validation field is there an OR operator? so that I can say

‘{:CURRENTUSERROLE}’ is ‘Administrator’ OR ‘{:CURRENTUSERROLE}’ == ‘MGT’

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Are these the only 3 constraints available for this?

You could maybe try a script, I made a custom confirm admin pin automation which checks user role, script returning true or false constraint to true may work but not tested.

I’m sorry. I didn’t use the correct terminology. Are these the only 3 settings (user, userrole, & terminal) available to use for verification? Or can you use custom program settings as well?

Setting should work, I imagine the validation is similar to rule and action constraints, so most available tags that are resolvable should work.