How to make it so I dont see the products until pressing sub menu

I have been using the POS5 and have been trying to setup the sub menus. I realise that the sub menu does not act like version 4. I want to know how to make it so you dont see any products until you press the sub menu required and once you are done with that have a option to back out of the sub menu.

For example

So when I press Hot Drinks I want the products in hot drinks to show.

As you can see once there the sub menu disappears and a little back out option appears. I want to know how to re set that up.

press the beverages button again…?

That works for POS4 but not POS5. I am not sure if there is something I missed

you haven’t got subs set up right.

hold on and ill just get you some shots from my till

edit, i cant do screenshots… I’ve upgraded to sierra and my host software isnt compatible… so you’ll just have to follow me here… 2 secs

ok so:

instead of putting them as a tag in the product properties, you need to go to the menu, click the category and then click ‘edit product properties’

in there you will see ‘sub menu tags’. thats where you put them in sub categories. You can also change the button colours here.

If you go into the menu properties you can change the sub category colours and category colours.

Hope you get that, sorry no screen shots

That would be great. I have looked into other setups I have done and this issue has never arisen. THe only differences between this setup and others is it is now on POS5

check above, its edited

make sure you delete all the tags in each of the products

Hi, I have never used product tags and I have always used Sub Menu Tags in the “edit product properties”.

This is what the screen looks like with them being in the sub menu. I dont want to see these products “in green” until I click the button.

thank you for all your help

in the menu categories, if you click the category and then “edit category” you can change the sub colours with a little code.

What we do in one of my clients places if have the different types of food as a different shade of colour… so you can see what category is selected.

If you can give me an hour till I get home ill show you what I mean.

in not too sure what your asking for is doable, not showing the products of a sub category till its selected… itll always show the first sub categories products… unless you can figure out a way of creating a blank sub category? but hen it’ll always revert to the last sub category selected so that wont work.

there may be another way to do that, but this is beyond me, maybe another member can help, bt their people with businesses too so I’m sure they’ll reply as soon as they can :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure its not as the default behaviour is to show the products in the sub category. In your case as draught is the first sub category so it will show those products by default

I don’t think this is an issue. It is a change in the behavior of V5 regarding Sub Menus as opposed to the way V4 behaved. There was a request to change the behavior in V5.

In V5, it will automatically show the Items of the first Sub Menu, without clicking on any Sub Menu selector.

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:slight_smile: that was me lol

If it’s that it’s causing confusion as to which submenu your in set a selected submenu colour and the open submenu will be highlighted.

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So is there a work around for this issue or is it stuck with it until an update is made. This is great news because I thought I was going mad with the setup being very similar.

It’s not an issue so it won’t be changed.

Just change all your sub menu colors to be the same as the sub menu items. You’ll see what sub menu your in then.

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This is not an issue as greatshakes has said it is by design.
Keeping the submenu button visa me will half the number of screen presses required to use submenus…
Rather than, draught submenu, product, < back, bottles submenu, product, < back you can go directly from on submenu to another…

A work arround for this new improvement would be to add a custom menu button to the menu category and format it without a header and make its colour #00000000.
While if all the products in a category have been set a submenu it will default to the first if there are ungrouped products they will be in the initial unselected screen, setting #0000000 will make the button invisible mimicking the old setup.
You won’t have the back button and this cannot be worked arround but if you set a selected submenu colour different to the submenu button colour you will clearly see which you in and be able to flip through easily.


that is great. I will give that ago shortly. I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks a bunch.