How to make KOT Printing manually

Hi Everyone,
How to make KOT printing manually by using a Button on ticket screen.I don’t want to print KOT automatically as created by default for all products.


You would need to change the rules. Taking out the kitchen print from ticket closing rule and putting on an automation command for whatever button you create.
If you coppy like for like it would print only new orders which would mean no print if you reopened the ticket and just printed as orders would have been submitted.
So you could take off the new order state option from the action.
This however would mean when you add more orders to ticket and press your print button it would also print all the old orders already printed.

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Thanks for reply…Could u pls share screenshots of those steps.

Not got time for screenshots at the minute.
Also look at the print bill setup, you could just duplicate that and change to kitchen template…

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