How to make Product name and Barcode print on the Bill

Please help me to make the second line (Product name) print on under the first line(Barcode ).


You want to use custom product tag. No need for using barcode.
Then you just add seccond like on print template.

As you have it you would put

<L00>     {NAME}

Thanks its work ,but how to make second line
in small character like size 10px

Yes i make its work, but the space too large?
How to make space its small?

Your template is very messy, your using a mix of XCT/POS formatting (The ) and html. In XCT template the numbers after the L, R or J define width and height based on epos type printer with fixed character width.

Presume your using HTML because of the graphical font of your language so you should stick with HTML and keep it clean.

As a HTML template its basic HTML code, you would be better off looking on google for HTML tutorials if your not familiar.

Also if your using a HTML template I would be less reliant on the demo text output of template preview and rely on physical printing