How to make text bold in a receipt

I searched the for the forums to find anything relating to customizing text style in a receipt but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

The heading text is the name of the shop. I was hoping to know how to make the text bold like it shows at the bottom of receipt . And also wanting to know how to align text to centre of a receipt. I followed a template to get this far, but some some function text code I’m unfamiliar with so I can’t identify what code does what function besides what’s shown on the right hand side of the screen

To centre text change the format tag at the start of the line from < L00 > to < C00 > where L is for left and C is for centre

Also < EB > enables bold and < DB > deactivates bold

Have a read here

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Thanks for that Rick. I suppose maybe I looked for the wrong thing during search.