How to make the smallest latter in a ticket

First of all, please learn how to take a screen shot (Do not use a camera). Search on this forum or on Google for “How to take a Screen Shot” (it involves the PrtScr button).

Text sizes are dicated by the font used by your printer.

Printer tags such as <L00> will print the font as the standard size of your font, where as <L11> would print the text with double height and double width.

Some printers allow you to send special commands to them using the <XCT> tag. But these printers typically use the ESC/POS protocol (which your printer doesn’t appear to use).

If you do have a printer that supports ESC/POS then you can send an XCT command to tell the printer to start using a different font mid-way through your ticket. For me, the command I need to use is:

-- Small font
<L00>I am small text

-- Regular font
<L00>I am regular text

<L11>I am large text
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It looks like that command enables Right-To-Left printing on your printer.

You need to find out the list of commands that your printer accepts and then feed these in using XCT commands.

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